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Hi all, for those wondering where Gary Kasparov is by now… Here are some good news. He is in Germany.

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Short Chess tips for active people

1. The most important chess guideline: SAFETY: Keep all of your pieces safe! And consider taking opponent’s pieces that are not safe. Regarding piece values, Bishops and Knights as worth around 3¼ pawns, Rooks 5, a Queen about 9. Having two Bishops when your opponent does not is called “the Bishop Pair” and is worth about an extra ½ pawn. Getting a Rook for a Bishop or Knight is called winning The Exchange and is worth almost half a piece (Bishop or Knight).

2. The 2nd most important chess guidance: ACTIVITY: Make sure that all your pieces are doing something all the time! So, for example, move every single piece once before you move any piece a second time in the opening (as a goal). Often the most effective strategy in a position without having tactics is to find a piece that is doing very little and find an opportunity for it to do more!

3. TAKE YOUR TIME — if world championship players always take several minutes to find a really good move, what makes you believe you will find a better one faster? Consider it this way: NOTHING is preventing lower players from trying to play just like tougher players and taking your time to look at as many alternatives as you can. A great goal is to pace yourself to make use of almost all of your time every game. While you’re thinking, say to yourself, “If I do X, what are all the moves he is likely to do in return, and can I cover every one of those threats next move? “If not, then you’ve got to seek out yourself another move, and this takes time! Tip: Don’t go into a game where you are not intending to use all your time. If you want to play faster, then play a faster time control.

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4. You are trying to find the BEST move (or even in some positions a safe, very reasonable one), so if you see a really good move, search for a better one. If you do not look, you simply can’t see! When you play fast, you might not be considering all of your good moves.

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